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The video game starts in constancy along with the movie, where an unexplainable violet meteor accidents right into Earth. The Autobots hit the collision internet site and also Optimus finds an early Cybertronian antique knowned as the Dark Spark, the reverse to the Matrix from Leadership. Whereas the Matrix gives understanding, the Dark Spark provides the consumer the electrical power to flex deep space and also its own occupants to their very own willpower. The Autobots very clear out the hirelings guarding the antique, however cannot quit the fugitive hunter Lockdown coming from getting away from along with the antique. The point of view modifications to Cybertron, where Megatron and also Optimus offer illustrations to their intrigues’ present condition: the Autobots encounter their darkest hr, where the Decepticons neighbor triumphant.

On Cybertron and also within the War for Cybertron constancy, Megatron delivers Soundwave, Starscream, and also Shockwave to the Crystal City safe to locate the Dark Spark to rub the Autobots coming from the skin from deep space. They come across massive protection coming from below ground insects. Shockwave differs the training course as he aims to quit these insects, where he faces the Insecticons Hardshell, Kickback, and also Sharpshot. After beating all of them Shockwave encourages all of them to participate in the Decepticon intrigue. The staff meets the safe, which is actually safeguarded through historical enthusiasts. After beating the enthusiasts, the team discovers that tricks are actually should open up the safe. The moment all the passkeys are actually fetched, the safe available to unveil the Autobots Ironhide and also Sideswipe inside, that after that take the Dark Spark. They leave via a door prior to that latches and also shuts.


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