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Off Central Park to the metro to the Statue from Liberty, no place is actually risk-free. Discover a consistent, on the web, open-world New York where rpg, expedition, and also battle player-progression are actually necessary.
The Division happens in New York 3 full weeks after a dangerous infection, discharged on Black Friday, has actually brushed up with the area. Separately, fundamental companies have actually gone belly up. Community has actually fallen down right into turmoil. The President appeals to Presidential Directive 51, and also The Division, a top-secret device from independent military brokers, is actually switched on. Leading apparently normal lifestyles, Division brokers are actually taught to run individually from order within this form of urgent circumstance. Our team advance when community brokens.

In a Tom Clancy’s world devoted to reality, gamers may discover the once-familiar roads and also milestones from the Big Apple, right now stamped out through robbery and also overrun through clans that are going to carry out everything to endure.


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