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In Unreal Tournament, the Redeemer warhead possesses “& ldquo; Adios! & rdquo; composed on its own edge. In Unreal Tournament 2003 and also 2004, the rocket checks out “& ldquo; Swallow this! & rdquo;-LRB- *****) In Unreal Tournament, the Redeemer can easily keep pair of spacecrafts; nonetheless, in later activities, the Redeemer may merely have one.
Unreal Championship is actually the Xbox variation from Unreal Tournament 2003, nonetheless, there is actually no Redeemer in Unreal Championship.
In Unreal Tournament 3, The Redeemer is actually claimed to become atomic, yet when the gamer strolls in a location the Redeemer was actually contended, no radioactive particles poisoning damages is actually offered.
The UT3 Redeemer possesses the lengthiest pull-out computer animation from any sort of item, having 3.2 secs to become all set to fire.
On sluggish pcs in Unreal Tournament, the rocket will not possess smoke cigarettes.

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