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When a hockey enthusiast considers a renowned sweatshirt variety, sometimes the amounts 99 for Wayne Gretzky, 66 for Mario Lemieux, as well as even more just recently 87 from Sidney Crosby enter your mind. A sweatshirt variety like 19 is actually typical.

When that relates to young people as well as amateur hockey, when normally the lineup is actually phoned number 1 via 25 as well as those are actually the jacket amounts to decide on, 19 has actually ended up being a much more extensive legendary variety one of younger gamers due to numerous, otherwise each of the gamers on this checklist. As a kid, when 99, 91, 88, 87, 66, etc are actually certainly not on call, 19 is actually a preferred option since kids locate their choice on their legendary heroes in the NHL. Right here are actually the leading gamers to ever before put on19

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