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MOTHERGUNSHIP combines bullet-hell strength along with the capturing, personalization, and also traversal from the first-person category. Battle your means via the unusual squadrons, experiencing randomized foe and also degree pandemonium as you very clear spaces and also secure a number of the greatest supervisors viewed in the FPS category.

Take on versus difficult possibilities in severe, continuous fight where assuming on your feets is actually the only means to endure. Dodge dozens bullets along with one-of-a-kind FPS/Bullet-hell combination gameplay. Each ship multitudes swarms from unusual equipments, dangerous catches, and also discourageding supervisors, prepared on stopping you off conserving mankind. Go acquire ‘& lsquo; em.

To remove the MOTHERGUNSHIP, you’ll require your personal customized toolbox from devastation. Fortunately, in MOTHERGUNSHIP you can easily make the weapon from your desires along with among the absolute most mobile gun-crafting bodies ever before viewed in a videogame. Would like to possess twelve-barrel weapon that fires homing spacecrafts? Or even perform you like a super shotgun? And also just what weapon would not appear far better along with a fishtank afixed to the leading? Go all out! The style from your detrimental toolbox resides in your palms.

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