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HyperRogue Gold 10.1 Android Download

You are actually a singular traveler in a strange, non-Euclidean planet. Set up as a lot lot of money as you could prior to the horrific monsters receive you. Examine a couple of unique worlds, each along with its very own certain unique lot of money, opponents, as well as garden impediments. Your quest is actually to situate the astonishing lot of money, the Orbs from Yendor. Compile among all of them to gain.

The contour is actually the amazing, irregular geometry from the planet: that is among merely handful of variations which occurs on the hyperbolic aircraft. Watch a source constructed out from heptagons as well as hexagons, upright lines which look laterally, nevertheless after that they stray as well as certainly never crucifix, triangulars who sides represent under 180 levels, exactly how extremely bizarre is that to obtain a comparable location two times, as well as exactly how the planet is actually through all profiles transformed when you perform return. This matters for the gameplay. The enjoyment is actually stimulated due to the roguelike kind (even with that in an exceptionally mild way), functions from M. C. Escher, as well as through baffle diversions, for instance, Deadly Rooms from Death.



Call: HyperRogue Gold
Category: Android Apps
Game Type: Apps
Release Date: 18.102017
Language: English
Size: 22,90 MEGABYTE
Hack: Mod Money
Company: Zeno Rogue
File Type:. apk.



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