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Some followers guess on the idea that Rockstar might go back to San Fierro as well as Las Venturas (one or both) to finish the staying regions not discovered in Grand Theft Auto V. Due to gaming console restrictions as well as source dedication, just Los Santos as well as Blaine have actually been covered, however followers have actually revealed a passion in various other San Andreas cities, as illustrated by GTA 6 follower site

On the topic of Vice City returning as a future setup, Benzies stated “& ldquo; it is constantly an opportunity. There are a couple of referrals to the city in our current-gen GTAs so it belongs to that HD world, as well as it is definitely someplace we would certainly enjoy to review. Vice City, probably even more compared to any type of various other GTA video game, was as much concerning the age as the setup. Miami in the 1980’s is so legendary it would certainly really feel weird to review the city in a various amount of time.” & rdquo;[5]


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